Holidays with a new and all more popular way: sailing! It is safe, alternative, economic and far more rewarding than conventional holidays.

Do you want to offer your family dream holidays or to organize something different with your friends in the safe waters of the Ionian Sea? Our company offers the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Ionian Islands with their emerald waters and picturesque beaches in a sailing boat and make every moment of your trip unique.

If your idea of dream holidays goes hand in hand with a sense of freedom and does not include the ordinary vacation programmes with groups in full and noisy beaches, wasting time searching for the appropriate lodging, we have an alternative idea. It is easy, enjoyable and less expensive than you would imagine. It includes a week’s leave from work, your company and OSIRIS.


The beautiful and spacious OSIRIS is the ideal boat that will safely take you and your family or friends all around the Ionian Sea. You can visit remote ports, isolated islands and virgin beaches for the weekends or longer trips. You can enjoy the sea alone or with the company of your own people. If you’re interested in fishing, diving or simply sunbathing and most of all relaxing, OSIRIS offers infinite possibilities to experience unforgettable holidays from mid spring to mid autumn.